Parent/Child/Independent Company Filters

  • 7 February 2022
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I am looking for a way to handle filtering for both companies in a parent-child relationship and outside of a parent-child relationship (independent). I want to be able to aggregate data when looking at a parent company and utilize the same filter to be able to select an independent company (or child company). Right now the only solution I’ve come up with is to have 2 filters available and hope the user knows if they are selecting a parent company or not.


For example, if I am looking at ARR and have 4 companies (Cake with child companies Cupcake and Wedding Cake, and Brownie with no child companies), I’d want to be able to filter to Cake and show the sum ARR of the child companies, Brownie and show the ARR for just that company, or Cupcake and show the ARR for just that company.

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