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  • 17 December 2015
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I love that you can add a template to Success Plans, however I am having a few issues.  When I add objectives to the Success Plan Template the order is different when the CSM applies the template.  Is there a way to make Success Plan Templates editable like playbooks where you can move the order of the objectives around and then they show up in that order for the CSM?  Right now I keep battling with the template by adding and deleting tasks to get them in the order I want, and then for some reason they still show up in a different order when applied to the Success Plan.  

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9 replies

This is great stuff!
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Hi Ellen,

Thanks for the post!

The objectives are sorted by due date(ascending) in both templates and CS360. 

Although after applying template to a success plan, the due dates of the objectives depend on the selection made between ‘Skip all weekend’, ‘Skip weekend if due on a weekend’ and ‘Do not skip weekend’. So, because of this selection, the order of objectives may change.

How would you prefer to see objectives - In the same order as in templates or sorted by due date?



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Thank you!  That is great information.  If they all have the same due date, do they sort in the order you created them in the template?  All mine should have the same due date (CSMs are encouraged to change them based on the account) and I cannot figure out why they are sorting the way they are.  
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Hi Ellen,

I agree with your point. The objectives with same due date should be in same order as in templates. Right now, the order is getting reversed.
We will fix this soon. I will keep you updated about it.

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I'm having issues with this too.   But it may just be a problem of me not thinking it through correctly.  Essentially, we're setting up our Success Plans to allow the CSM to add the template, but then have items they add as well.  We're really looking at having them run something like this:  Adoption:  Should be active for a quarter (3 months)
Engagement:  Could be 3-6 months
Renewal:  6 months

What I'm noticing is when the CSM selects the due date for the plan, and then, applies the template, that date changes.  So, for instance, I created a plan with the due date of 3/31, and then, when I add my template, that changes to 5/5.  I'm assuming that's because the longest objective is for Assign Date + 92 Days (I did this to try to get them in the right order).

So, for templates, what if the Assigned Date plus X Days was removed and the CSM had the flexibility to decide all of that?  OR the Assigned Date defaulted to the plan end date, and the CSM could change based on their needs.

Other than that, I'm not sure how to get the dates to match up based on what we are trying to do...

To give some background, the team had these built out in Excel, and we are converting those Excel docs into Success Plans, so they've already been ongoing since the beginning of the quarter.  
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Hi Heather,

You are correct, the due date of the plan changes because the due date of the longest objective is greater than plan due date.

We will think more in the direction of making due date not mandatory so that CSMs can change dates based on their needs. As a workaround, you can modify the due dates in the template so that the objective due dates will not exceed the plan due date for this quarter.

Let me know if that helps. Thanks!
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Hi Nitisha,

Is there an update?  I am having a similar issue within the template creation. All my objectives have the same due date.  I would be happy for them to show up just as I create them in the template however I have one objective that when I create it seems to get placed in the middle of my list and I am not able to re-order them in the template creation.  I can't figure out why it keeps getting placed in the middle of my objectives vs. after the last one I created.

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Hi Ellen,

Please look into this article for sorting of Objectives in Success Plan.


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Hi @sai_kumar 

I have success plans with objectives all having the same due date, on the cockpit view they are in the correct order (by template order) but on the Gannt they aren’t - and I’ve created two from the same template which have a different order? 

 The correct order, as they are set-up in the template;


How they show in one gantt view;


How they show in another (I didn’t change anything between creating the success plans/applying the templates)