New Share 360 users not able to access shared c360 view.

  • 12 March 2020
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I ran into an odd situation regarding Share360 when working with a customer. In situations where an external contact is having a share360 view sent for the first time there is a backend job that adds said new contact into the MDA User table to facilitate the C360 share.

Apparently there is a 2-4 hour delay in this user addition step, but there is no delay in the share360 email being sent. What ends up happening is that if the new share recipient tries to access the shared view, they are greeted with a blank screen. In order to correct this you have to revoke and re-do the share.

To me, this seems like an enhancement request. As Share360 is an email send step, could something like a conditional wait be added into the Share 360 email send step that checks to make sure that all users included in the C360 share exist in the MDA user table prior to sending the share emails?

The most analogous function to what I am thinking is using a Formula field on a Program Conditional wait to poll a participants status. Anyway, I wanted to see if any other customers have noticed this behavior, and I wanted run this by the Gainsight Product team to see if we might discuss the behavior that was found.

1 reply

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@dan_wiegert  thank you for this post. I eagerly await input on this issue. Thanks again!