Need to assign CSM to a region per customer

  • 28 September 2018
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We have some global customers that are in our Sales and CRM systems as one account, but they want to have regional CSM's as that maps to support and other areas where we interact.  

I am struggling with learning about Account Hierarchy and I dont' know if that's my best solution.

Relationships do not seem to apply as we only service our customers by account and underneath the account, by region.  Can anyone advise?

4 replies

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Hi Tim, Have you spoken with you Gainsight COM about this? This 4-min. video explains the difference between Account Hierarchy and Relationships. Because your accounts are managed by region by different CSMs, it does seem like a good use case for Relationships potentially.
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I'll double click on what Lila mentioned. Since hierarchy only shows the parent-child(ren) relationships between individual distinct SFDC Account records, if you need to manage a single account record with different regional teams, then relationships is most likely the best fit. But work with your Gainsight Client Outcomes Manager to ensure this is the best fit.
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Sorry, I posted here as a new thread and another in case folks were subscribed to it and had feedback.  I don't mean to have two threads on one issue.  

I'll keep it here and repeat what I said in the other thread to clear up my use case:

When I raised Relationships with my implementation, it did not seem a fit.  If I were doing say "EUROPE", "AMERICAS" and "APAC/J" across all accounts, I see Relationships working.  But are you suggesting it may work to have ABC Corp -EUROPE and ABC-CORP-AMERICAS as the only two Relationship categories?  I don't want Acme-E or Acme-AM in that relationship...just ABC.

So my point is we don't support accounts by regions in most cases.  Most are global so we discarded Relationships in our start up, but glad to learn more if there are in depth teaching docs.
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Hi Tim, it sounds like there might be a bit of confusion on how relationships would work in that instance. If you had a need to segregate some actions, contact, reports or health by region, you would define a Relationship Type of Region, and then under ABC Corp, you would create relationship cards for each region. You wouldn't need a new relationship type for each region, as the concept of a region would be the type.

If you haven't taken a look at this article yet, please take a few minutes to check it out - it explains when you need different relationship types and when you don't.