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  • 26 March 2021
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Hello Gainsight community. For those of you who I haven’t met, I am Ciara Peter our head of Product Design. Something that’s top of mind for us right now is navigation. We’ve heard from many of you that our navigation can be difficult, but navigation can mean so many things. Here are a few areas that come to mind. Please let us know in the comments which of these are high priorities for you? Also please let me know if we missed something in this thread entirely. Please be candid! Thank you.

  1. Relevance of landing page and visible navigation options
  2. Interaction of the left navigation menu
  3. Ordering and hierarchy of the left navigation menu
  4. Ability to find a specific customer
  5. Jargon / feature names

3 replies

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Configuring the search results with filters would be great, i.e. for most roles, only allow them to search for active records with the ability to toggle on "search all". 

The move to NXT made me seriously miss the quick search to C360 config. 

@jean.nairon didn't you have a big ordering suggestion on the admin menu? If I recall correctly...

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Seconded on the Quick Search for C360. Having it under “Customer Data” is not intuitive, but again, I can get used to it I suppose with enough muscle memory.

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End User Navigation: Can we make it easier to update multiple records in one view? For example allow in-line editing of a Relationship Person report on a dashboard. The reason I'd categorize this as navigation is number of clicks it takes an end user to update a Relationship Person record (navigate to the correct R360, Detail tab, find report, find record, edit and save).

Admin Navigation: Can we make it easier to make updates in Data Operations? For example to find a record I need to first create a new filter and then make and save the modifcation and after each modification it disappears and so must re-create the same filter for each subsequent update.