Move an existing Scorecard Measure into a group?

  • 27 December 2018
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I have a CSM Sentiment measure in my scorecard that lives outside of a Measure Group. With the upcoming feature to be able to report on the same Measure Group across multiple scorecards, I am wanting to move my CSM Sentiment measure into a Measure Group but it doesn't appear I am able to do that. I try to drag the measure into the group and it won't drag there.

Is this possible to do without damaging the history maintained for that CSM Sentiment measure?

3 replies

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Hi Jeff, Thanks for bring this up!


Changing this to an idea post, we already have this in our long ter road map (moving the measure to groups).

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Hi Jeff,

You can delete the measure from the scorecard & re-add it again under a group. It will not delete the history of the measure

It is also in out short term roadmap to provide the ability to drag and drop a measure into a group from the UI

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Thanks Aditya - I was able to test this in QA and it worked to delete and add to a group.