Modified Date for Tracking Purposes to Unified Scorecard Fact -

  • 7 August 2019
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We have reports built on The Unified Scorecard fact/Scorecard Mass Edit table and want to be able to report on a single attribute and when it was last updated...does anyone have an easy way to do that?

4 replies

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Hi Grace,

You can do this by selecting the object that is the Scorecard Fact object where that measure exists and then filtering by that measure name.

The path to select the measure name and score are shown below:

Is there a way to do this on the Mass Edit report that would show the score and color scheme?

Basically we wanted to add last modified to this report 🙂

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What you could probably do is add a field to the Company object and populate via Rules Engine with a similar process that Dan described for Report Builder— but it may start to get a little hairy to manage if you have multiple scorecards for Accounts and/or Relationships.