Milestone Dates

  • 2 November 2018
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When creating a dataspace using the Milestone object, I see 3 date fields:

  1. Milestone Created Date
  2. Date
  3. Created Date

What is the difference between these three fields?


Best answer by lila_meyer 16 November 2018, 01:37

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4 replies

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Hi Jeff,

I'll add this to our queue, or revive the request as the case may be!

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I needed to reference explanations again and had to come hunt for the Community post because the Gainsight Object Glossary still does not contain this information. Could that doc please be updated with the Milestone object data? Thank you

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Makes sense when you explain it, but definitely not intuitive.

Asked this question because the Milestone object is not listed in the Gainsight Object Glossary. Can that doc be updated please?

Thank you

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A friend in product says:

*Created Date* - Standard Field that is there on any object (record created date), this has datetime value

*Created Date (JBCXM__CreatedDate__c, label - Milestone CreatedDate)* - Date component of the standard created date field

*Date* - Date value on which you set a milestone, example : Project Go Live - Nov 24th

Example : Create a milestone today, selecting a milestone - GoLive on Nov 24th,

*Created Date* - 11/15/2018 16:20:000T CST

*Milestone CreatedDate* - 11/15/2018

*Date* - 11/24/2018 00:00:000T