Mass Update of Health Scorecard Comments

  • 22 November 2016
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Problem: For customers who have segments with high account to CSM ratios, it would be efficient for them to have the ability to update the Scorecard comments via the Rules Engine for multiple accounts.

Current State: The CSM team is currently having to update individual Scorecard comments for over five hundred (500) accounts.

Question: Has anyone run into something similar and found a more efficient way to update?

3 replies

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Hey Easton, were you looking to just update the comments, but not the score? The rules engine supports that today if you create a rule to do this after the rule setting the score value.
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Yes exactly! I was told by Support it was not possible. Do you have an example of this or is there a resource internally that can help? Thanks.
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I actually had it backwards. You need to set the comments first and then update the score. You can do it this way:

Set the comment you want first in the setup action chain - this will reset the score to whatever value is indicated by that action. 

Then follow up with a second action (or this could be a new rule altogether) that sets the score, but does not update the comments. This will leave the previous comments intact. 

I can show you what I did in a demo org if you like.