Logging Customer Calls and Notes/Tasks/Events to C360 (without having to go to SFDC)

  • 21 December 2015
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We need a way for CSMs to log calls/events/tasks and notes to a C360 page, especially for the SMB low-touch team. Currently, the only way to do this is to either log a Milestone and post comments OR create a CTA and log comments (but this type of transaction should not be logged as a risk/opp/event). 

2 replies

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Why wouldn't you want a call to be logged as an Event CTA?  I would think that would be the right category to include phone calls.

I agree there isn't a very simple way to capture notes though.  I previously submitted this idea:
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You could also create another type of CTA.  We have one that we use for "Check in Calls" in addition to Risk, Opportunity, Event.  This allows CSMs to easily sort and report.  I would advise not to create too many different Types of CTAs, though.  The CSMs can further distinguish by Reason.