Is there a new limit on the number off R360 layouts that an admin is able to create?

  • 31 October 2022
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According to the documentation, Gainsight allows up to a maximum of 50 R360 layouts to be created. Now, with the new release, I’m attempting to migrate my layouts, and create a new test layout. Eleven layouts were migrated, and two new layouts were created as “Gainsight Recommended Layouts”. 

When I go now to create a new layout, I’m greeted with an error that I have already exceeded the maximum allowed number of layouts, and I’m not able to create a new one.

Did the limit of 50 change with the new release?

3 replies

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I know you already answered your own question in the Slack group but it seems the answer is yes :)

I also have a ticket in to raise this as we have 13 layouts already and will likely go up from there so a reduction from 50 to 10 is pretty punishing. Hopefully it can be raised!

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Hey @rakesh - can you or one of your teammates comment on the situation and next steps?

@jordan_cook Yes, we did reduce the limit on the number of R360 layouts to 10 per relationship type from 50 per relationship type. We understand from feedback that this might impact the copy over process itself and hence we have restored to 50 layouts per relationship type. Hope this helps !!