Is the initial page load for C360 taking longer with the Nov release?

  • 27 November 2016
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Is the initial page load for C360 taking longer with the Nov release?  I'm using Chrome & have scrolling turned off but it just seems in the last week (across multiple days & different times of day) that the initial load of the page is slower.  Is there anyway that Timeline has negatively affected performance or if some other change has caused a slower load?   

7 replies

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Hi Elaine,
We have optimized initial load of CS360 to be much faster than 5.3. We have tested it and have seen better numbers comparatively.
Also timeline has no impact, we've made sure It does not impact CS360 load in anyway. 
Could be one slow response from Salesforce you might have hit. If problem persists? please let us know we will do some diagnosis on GonG. 
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Elaine, are you referring to Summary section load time (the first section on C360 in GonG) or load time when you select another section after the initial load?
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The summary section load time is great.  It's the load time when I select another section after the initial load. (In particular it seems to be worse if the section I chose is a Reports 2.0 like users, usage reports, contacts.)
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I have observed this behavior as well. I have scrolling turned off and sometimes clicking on a section other than the Summary takes a long'ish amount of time and sometimes even fails to load until I click on that section title a second time - or click on another section and then click back on the section I wanted to see in the first place.
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Thanks for chiming in, Dan!  I am seeing similar behavior.
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That for the update Elaine. 

While there is nothing different with respect to related list sections load in the November release, we will continue to investigate to figure out what might be causing this. 

For Feb release, we will be focusing on improving the performance and will include the related list sections load time.
@Azhar @Pradeep @Sidhu - please share the report with page load times from Google Analytics; along with the explanations.

Also further analysis on the performance stats would help - especially focusing on the related list sections. The performance should have mostly stayed the same for these sections, but feedback here seems to indicate that these sections are taking longer time to load. Worth investigating.