Is it possible to export charts and tables from the Account Widget (as it is possible from CS360)?

  • 15 December 2016
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Our internal Gainsight users spend a lot of time on the account page, and some don't really use Customer Succcess 360, so it would be really useful to be able to export the charts and tables included in the Account Widget.

5 replies

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Hi Cristina,

Currently, there's no export option directly in the widget. However, users can get to the export option in 2 clicks. Click the Gainsight icon in the upper right corner of the widget; which takes you to the C360, where the export button is visible in the upper right. 

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Thanks Lila, so this would work only for full fledged users, not for users with limited access.
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That's correct.
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Is the ability to export reports and charts from the Account widget on the future roadmap?


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Curious why this isn't a feature for Team Viewer (Widget) - any thoughts for the roadmap? @sai_ram_pulluri