Is it possible to build a report formatted similar to the Attributes section of the C360 but utilize MDA data?

  • 22 January 2019
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Looking to create a report in the format of the Attributes section of the C360 using MDA data. Is this even possible?

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Hi Joe,

You can build a report on MDA data and consume it in related list section as a tabular report today. A report cannot be built in any other format apart from table and other visualizations.

Did you mean you want to use MDA data to customize the C360 attributes? Today you can only use attributes from Account and Customer Info to build C360 layouts.

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We would like to be able to incorporate MDA fields (i.e from Company) into the C360 attributes section.

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Hi Rakesh,

No, I meant to have a reporting option for MDA data to produce a report in the same format of the Attributes section on the C360. This allows the data to be more consumable for end users. If you need to create a report that has many columns, the table format is not consumable at all as it requires end users to scroll and scroll to access the data they need while if it could be combined similar to the attributes section it would allow for a much better end user experience.



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Following up here to see if this is going to be future enhancement.

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The scrolling being not as easily is understandable but like in 360 attribute page, we can only view the one row of data(data for one company) at a time in this non tabular format. Can you answer a few questions to help understand the ask better

  1. Will you only have a single row (single value to some columns)?
  2. How would you imagine multiple rows of data being displayed?
  3. Approximately how many columns of data are we talking about?
  4. Where all do you think this report would be consumed? (360, dashboard, etc)

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@joe_difilippo coud you please answer the questions by @rakesh, will help us to proceed further.