How will Person/People Mapping exist with Sponsor Tracking?

  • 29 May 2019
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Can you please share the roadmap for how the new Person/People Mapping feature will exist with Sponsor Tracking in the 360? Will both continue to exist? It seems like Person/People will solve for many enhancement requests that were originally requested under sponsor tracking, so was unsure if Sponsor Tracking will still remain and how it is intended to be used in conjunction with the now new Person Funtionality available?

If they continue to both exist, what are the main differences between the two?

- My understanding from researching sponsor tracking is it has the ability to generate a CTA when there is a change inthe sponsor, and so that is a unique feature that will not exist with Person/People map, although both can link to the linkedin profile?

- Sponsor tracking also is limited to tracking SFDC Contacts only, whereas Person allows you to add external contacts that are not dependent on SF.

- Sponsor tracking also integrates with Journey Orchestrator, whereas person does not. Is there anything else critical to know in comparing these funtionalities?



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Hi Shiela,

Grerat question, thanks for asking!

Sponsor Tracking is a feature which lets you track changes in the status of specific people you've identified as sponsors. This currently works off of SFDC Contacts in our SFDC edtion (more on this below!).

The Gainsight Person model allows you to capture unique records to represent people in the real world.

We have a lot of features planned around the construct of Person, People Maps being one of them! We also plan to support all of our exisitng features that work off of SFDC Contacts to work off of Gainsight Person, and in many cases, have already done so (like Journey Orchestrator).

We do have plans around integrating sponsor tracking and Person, let me elaborate on this below:

- Sponsor Tracking does work on Salesforce Contacts right now, but in the future will work off of Person and not SFDC Contacts. As you pointed out, this will enable you to have sponsors who are not in Salesforce. This is already true for Gainsight NXT, where Sponsor Tracking works off of Person and not Salesforce Contacts (do reach out to your COM to learn more about Gainsight NXT!).

- Even when it works off of Person, Sponsor Tracking is a specific feature where you want to capture changes in someone's role, location, or employment status.

You'll be able to use Sponsor Tracking independent of People Maps, meaning you can track sponsors without having to add them to a hierarchy in People Maps, and you can map people and visualize their hierarchy in People Maps without having to track them using Sponsor Tracking.

We do have plans to also show the sponsor changes in People Maps if the tracked person is part of the map. We'll also allow you to track users directly from the List View and People Maps in the Person section.

- The ability to create CTAs when there's a change will continue to be possible with Sponsor Tracking, even when it works off of Person in the future (this is already possible in Gainsight NXT).

- You can currently choose to use Journey Orchestrator using Gainsight Person, it does not necessarily have to be off of Contacts. Meaning you can choose to add people to Gainsight Person which are not from Salesforce Contacts and create journeys for them.

Do let me know if there's follow up questions or you need additional clarity, I'll be happy to answer!