How to report of +Follow Button?

I was following another feed with my question, but it is marked as solved, but it does not address my question. 

I am looking on how to report on just customers that are being +Followed.  We already define customers by user, but we we also want the user to be able to +Follow their customers that they consider are priority.  I just can’t find a way to report on the +Follow button.  Thanks

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If you’re on SFDC Edition, I know a SFDC object within the Gainsight package tracks the +Follows; from memory I want to say it’s User Subscription.

If you’re on NXT Edition, I’m listening along with you to learn if +Follows are stored in an MDA object or elsewhere that can be reported and/or modified.

Thanks Matthew, we are using NXT in Salesforce, so I’m not sure if your SFDC version would apply.  If it does, I would love to learn more.


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@Patty Soldani 

If you’re NXT Edition, accessing via SFDC, then I know my SFDC Edition idea won’t solve your question.

I haven’t discovered where +Follows are stored in NXT Edition, and if they are accessible, reportable and/or amendable. I’m now curious to learn myself.

I’m looking for the answer too. I’ve only found this…