How is the Company object "Current Score" populated/updated?

  • 27 February 2018
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  • Shoshin
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I see that the Company object has a "Current Score" and "Previous Score", but I am not gathering how those actually get populated. I am also seeing a discrepency with some accounts who I know have changed and I know the current/historical values.

Any guidance on this would be awesome!

How do others monitor change in score?

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I would love to know this as well.  I tried to follow the fields and lookup mapping to figure it out, too, and it's not at all clear.

Does Gainsight have a chart that explains this process flow?  I feel like reporting on Scorecards is one of the most confusing topics.
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Hi Ben & Jeff,

The Current Score is a lookup to the object "Scoring Scheme Definition". This object contains details of all the possible score values that a scorecard can have (for any scorecard scheme). (Assuming you are using Scorecard 2.0)


By default for the numeric scheme there are 100 possible score values a CSM can set, similarly for a grade scheme there are 7 & the color scheme has 3. Hence the Scoring Scheme Definition will contain 110 records (with each possible score having a unique ID). The object would look something like this

Lets consider the case of a company that is using a scorecard that has a numeric scheme. The current score of that company is 80. The "Current Score" on the company object will look up to the corresponding row in the "Scoring Scheme Definition " object (the one corresponding to the numeric scheme & score of 80). When the CSM/Rule sets the score for the scorecard the system gets the corresponding ID of the score and populates that into the "Current Score" field of the Company object

Hope this helps. Do let me know if you need more information
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Thanks Aditya. I have one follow-up question:
  • Say I am looking to report on the current score (i.e. a snapshot) for an account. If I am reading you correctly, I can be confident in the value listed under "Current Score" on the Company object?
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Yes, you can use the the "Current Score" on the company object