How do you apply a scorecard to a single account?

  • 29 April 2018
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We are attempting to update our health scoring system to the DEAR model from Gainsight Elements. I have it all made up, but I’d prefer to test it on a handful of accounts before applying it to the other 15,000.

I am trying to use the “Applies To” section of the scorecard settings, but it cannot seem to override the default one. Maybe it’s me, or is here something I’m missing?

Has anyone done this sort of transition with 2.0?

4 replies

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Hi Ben,

If multiple scorecards are applicable to an account  and if the "Default Scorecard" is one among them (and if none of the applicable scorecards are already active for the account) then the "Default Scorecard" is applied 

There are two ways you can make the DEAR Scorecard active for accounts:

1) If they are few accounts, you can manually change the active scorecard for those accounts

2) Update the 'applies to' logic of the "Default Scorecard" so that it does not apply to the accounts where you want the DEAR scorecard (Eg. for the DEAR scorecard, the logic is Accounts with ARR <X.....then for the Default Scorecard update the logic to ARR>X)

Let me know if this works for you
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Hi Aditya - I attempted to update the "applies to" logic of the Default Scorecard to exclude a selection of accounts that will receive a new scorecard configuration. 

However, when I navigate to those accounts' 360s, the default scorecard still shows up.  How do I, essentially, remove the old default scorecard from these accounts so that I can start with a clean slate?
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Hi Kate,

-When you changed the "applies to" logic, you will get an option to run the scorecard scheduler...did you choose yes (or else the new login will apply the next time the schedule runs)

- For the accounts which do not match the criteria of any scorecard, the default scorecard gets applied (irrespective of the condition).

- Can you go to any one account & check if you are manually able to change the scorecard ? (Click on the gear icon in the scorecard section)

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Thanks for the explanation Aditya.  I removed them from the "applies to" logic earlier in the week but didn't add the new scorecard which includes them until today (so they were still being assigned the Default).  When the Scorecard ran last night, they were assigned the new scorecard.

Much appreciated!