Health Score - Gainsight Future Plans

  • 4 October 2019
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Hi All,

Like many others using Gainsight we are in the process of re-determining our health score and sifting through the data to figure out weights etc.

It occurs to me that being able to have a truly predictive health score, one that is data driven and and accurately reflects the prospects of either upsell or churn, is at the very core of what Gainsight is about and essentially what every customer needs.

However im unsure what Gainsights plans are for the health score moving forward and would like some further details if possible.

I think the way most people are doing it now will be considered very outdated in just a couple years since many of the health score models built are not built using data science methods and even if they are do not learn and adapt over time.

What I think everyone needs and will have in a few years on one platform or another is a health score that is determined automatically and updated automatically via machine learning as new data is being ingested.

Is a machine learning element like this on Gainsights roadmap? I see it as being one feature that would be truly irreplacable and essential to Customer Success.

Thanks, look forward to hearing peoples thoughts on this!

2 replies

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@faelan_herriott I agree that this is the direction we should be heading in, but it is not at all a straightforward task. Automated machine learning based scorecards, that work well for a majority of our customers would be very hard to achieve, but we would like to get there.


Meanwhile, we plan on giving data science based tools that tell you how predictive your scorecards have been, and how you can make them better.




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HI Shantan, thanks for the reply. Any further details you could give me on these tools that you mention here?