GS Widget in SF1 app?

  • 6 October 2015
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Does anyone know if the GS widget is viewable in the SF1 app?

3 replies

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Hi Heather, We do have a SF1 mobile solution.  If you go to and search for the word "Mobile", you'll see an article with screen shots on how it works, a 2 minute training video, and a separate article on how a Gainsight & SF admin can enable mobile.    

I think the one set up step that is not obvious is that the Gainsight Mobile option cannot be set to "Tab Hidden" in Salesforce.   It needs to be "Default Off" or "Default On".  Either of those options will work.  Beyond that, it should be fairly straight forward for you and your SF admin.

If you run into any trouble with setup, please don't hesitate to reach out to Customer Support. 

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Thanks, Elaine!  I'm assuming that we should still need the GS View licenses in order for our sales people to be able to see?
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Since updates to manual healthscores, CTAs, etc...can be made from the SF1 Gainsight Mobile option, a full user license is required for access.  I think it would be great if we have a Sales "view" only version of our mobile solution, but unfortunately that does not exist today.  Good suggestion for sure!!