Gantt Chart - How to Show Dependencies

  • 4 September 2018
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How do i show dependencies in the Gantt chart?

Best answer by aditya_marla 11 September 2018, 07:51

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Here is some more details on how to add and view dependencies now:'s_New_in_Success_Plan_(Horizon_Experience)#Add_Dependency_Manually

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Hey @mike_sasaki - Dependencies are now possible in the Gantt chart view with the latest update of Success Plans

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Thanks, Aditya.  A dependency like we need to add a new feature before the customer begins development work.
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Hi Mike,

There is no way to automatically define dependencies in Success Plans. But, you can manually adjust the start dates of the CTAs/Tasks to visually show the dependencies in the Gantt Chart. 

Does this help?  Also, could you give an example of the kind of dependencies that would exist in your success plans?
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Hi Mike,

I don't think dependencies are supported in the Gantt chart view currently. This article describes the Gantt chart options.