G360 Usage data - Active vs Inactive changes

  • 6 December 2018
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After doing some digging on G360 and license usage we found there to be a discrepancy from the User object and G360.

This in particular is an example of LIcense data being used.

The license usage data that is shown in G360 is shared from Salesforce and shows the actual usage number for licenses; however when GS Connect runs it only syncs active users with GS licenses to the User collection (MDA).

In some cases we find that when a user who is no longer with a company they are made inactive and that change is not synced to the MDA object because it only syncs active users. Then when building a report on that MDA object the count looks higher based on the MDA data as its not updated.

2 replies

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I'm inclined to call this a "problem" rather than an "idea"

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Oops! Thought I clicked that. Thanks for the catch.