Filter as “Active” for ALL users that use that C360 view (Default view)

  • 10 June 2020
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We got an ask from Cody Nichols (CommVault Systems, Inc.).


They want to put a filter on the "Person" within the C360 view on an attribute of Active (true or false) however they don't see any options to filter the person as a default view for their end users.

2 replies

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We’re just about to switch to using the persons object instead of pulling in SF contacts to a list view, and this would also be really useful. We don’t want people to be able to delete records (because of the sync with SF) but it would be great to identify those who have left the company (by CS unticking Active checkbox) and exclude them by default from the view on the 360 (whilst enabling an option to let CSM’s look at that list if needed)  @kunal_bhat  FYI :)

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Hi @katepalli @HollySimmons the revamped version of 360 Person is equipped with Active/Inactive OOTB filters that’ll enable you to achieve your goals.