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  • 20 June 2019
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Summarizing feedback from CSMs and Account Executives who tested this feature:

1. You can update the linkedin profile on the list view or hierarchy view by manually putting in the URL. If this feature integrated with sponsor tracking and automatically populated that information in that would be helpful to reduce administrative burden. Can you confirm whether this area speaks/writes back to each other if the contact you are adding to the person beta, is also someone who already is listed in sponsor tracking and has their linkedin profile associated

2. When you manually add the linkedin profile to the org chart/people map, it doesnt appear to write back to the list view. We had to go to the list view and manually add it there.

3. The difference between title and role is unclear in terms of where exactly that inforamation pulls from. We associated linkedin profiles to our contacts in people maps, and neither title or role populated in the hierarchy view or the list view

4. It would be helpful to have a label or custom field that can be used so that multiple hierarchies can be buiild for different workstreams, supporting various teams who interact with different parts of a customer organization/stakeholders. for example our organziation has CSMs that work by product workstreams (3 of them), and the stakeholders for revenue cycle vs. clinicals may overlap or be different. It would be great to tag a label and create a separate hierarchy just for rev cycle or clinicals with those contacts. Similarly supportng account executives in gainsight to collavborate with the CSM, AEs may also have different contacts they work with related to revenue cycle and growth etc./

5. It would be helpful if the list view pre-populated the top users you already added to the hierarchy so you can the same view in the list and the people mapping chart


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Hi @shiela_kern,

1. We are working on integrating Sponsor Tracking with the People List View and People Maps, this is definitely in our roadmap. Currently Sponsor Tracking works off of Salesforce Contacts and People Maps/List View works off of Gainsight Person. We'll be enhancing the sponsor tracking feature in the near future so that it also works off Gainsigt Person and not Salesforce Contacts and hence all those features (List View/Maps/Sponsor Tracking) can talk to each other.

2. Making any edits on either the List View or People Maps (including adding the LinkedIn profile) should definitely reflect on both places. Will reach out to you see the specific issue.

3. Title is supposed to be the actual job title of that person. Each of your customers may have different conventions of Titles (for example, Senior Executive, Assistant Manager). You would generally use a the Role field to identify the role of the person as it applies to your company and does not necessarily have anything to do with their Title (for example, Power User, Executive Sponsor, Adoption Champion etc.)

Currently, you need to go to the Sponsor Tracking section and track a contact for us to fetch their job title from LinkedIn. In future, we'll allow users to "Track" directly from People Maps and the List View.

4. We are working on allowing users to create multiple named maps for the same company which should allow you to create a map specific to the team/product/hierarchy you care about. This is in our near-term roadmap.

5. That's a great idea, we want to enhance the list view to give filters so you can view specific people and top people added to hierarchy can definitely be one of them!