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  • 1 August 2018
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Can someone please explain to me how the scorecard is calculated. Are the lines the average for that week and the big dot is the average for the current week? Or is the big dot an average of the prior weeks? 

Also, I understand that the arrows are supposed to be trends, but I'm not understanding - like the below shows a downward trend but all of them are red and have the exact same score of 50, shouldn't it be a side arrow?  

3 replies

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Hi Rona,


Yes, the lines are average for the week. A snapshot is taken just before the end of every week. 

The big dot is called the Overall score. Below is the formula for Overall Score.

Overall Score= (Individual Measure value1 * Weightage of measure 1) +  (Individual Measure value2 * Weightage of measure 2)........ till Measure "n" / Weightage of measure 1 + Weightage of measure 2....(only the measure which has scores only there weight is considered) .

The Arrow mark denotes the "Trend". This is to get insight into how the customer base is trending with regards to overall health.

Please follow this article for more information.

Please let us know if you need more help , always ready to help!
can you tell me why my trend is going down when all of the scores are the same in this picture? 
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Hi Rona,

The trend arrow is calculated based on what the last score of that measure was(which might not necessarily be the score that you see in the bar). Ex: If you set your score to 51 now it will show an upward trend (i.e it compares what the score is now: 51 vs what is last was this week: 50)..and it might be possible that the last score in the bar that you see is 60

- The score in the bar is of the last week (i.e what was the score as of last week...its a snapshot and will not change). 

- If you want to check why your trend is -ve can look at the 'current score' & the 'previous score' in the fact object.  The previous score must have been more than the current score & hence there is an upward trend arrow

Let me know if that helps / you need any other info