Exceptions for Account Scorecards

  • 21 October 2016
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The most recent release added the functionality for Exceptions for Relationships Scorecards. Is there a plan to add Exceptions functionality to Account-level Scorecards?

Use Case: Concur would like their overall Score to be derived from either a Predictive Score or a Subjective Risk Scorecard measure. Ideally, the overall Score would be equal to whichever of these two measures is the lowest.

I believe that the Exceptions functionality would help them achieve this, but they are not using Relationships.

4 replies

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Totally with you, Dillon.  The lack of this has been frustrating all around.  From when we first started to build 'Scorecards 2.0' -- which is used for Relationship scorecards -- we have intended to make it available for Accounts, too.  Various issues have caused it to be delayed and delayed.  The good news is that the technical issues that have held it back are getting tackled and it is at close to the top of our priority list for our Winter release cycle.
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Dillon, you can also use the MIN aggregation to set score to whatever dimension is the lowest. Check out this example I documented on how to do it:

I've been having some productive conversations with some of my customers on this theme and the idea that "you're only as healthy as your weakest score" and that the MIN would totally eliminate any surprise risks hidden among good scores is really resonating. 

I've pitched this internally to Will Robins too. He's currently evaluating if I'm crazy or if I may have stumbled onto something. It's also possible that I stumbled onto something [i]and I'm crazy. Jury is out on that.[i]
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That's interesting Dan - thanks for showcasing that.

I *think* it could work for Concur, but it would potentially be slightly messy. The reason is that they want the Overall Score, not a sub-measure, to follow the "MIN" logic.

Assuming you can't set Overall Score via Rules Engine (can't recall - will double check..), we'd have to have: 1) Predictive Score 2) Subjective Sentiment 3) A third measure to follow MIN logic between 1 and 2. The 3rd measure would be weighted at 100%.

The issue I see here is end-user confusion around a 3rd measure, what it is, and how scores are getting set. It won't help that we're going to have other measures aside from those I referenced, set at 0% weight (longer story there).
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Hi Dillon,

Exceptions is meant at the use cases where you would want your scores to be overridden by certain conditions but you would prefer the overall rollup to work otherwise.

As Karl said , that is something which we are looking at for the Winter release.

However ,

-What you have mentioned for Concur here is not an exception but a rule for their overall score. Set my overall score to whichever is the lowest - M1 or M2.

- Why cant we disable overall rollup for the customer and set a rule to do the same if this is the only way overall score is calculated. 

- Create a rule which does M1-M2 and assigns it to a field. If the field value is positive then assign M2 as the score for overall score and if it is negative , then assign M1 as the the overall score.

Hope this helps.

Abhishek S