Enter comments on a report record

  • 7 September 2018
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Our external CRM, Siebel on Premise, is being loaded into cases.  We use that to show reports to the CSMs to call out issues or patterns.  When they review the report, they'd like to add comments so that they can review it later with the customer.  Is there a way of doing this through either Gainsight or through SFDC?

2 replies

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Actually, I tried and I think I am wrong.  My users are "Salesforce Platform" users and so they don't have access to SFDC Cases. :(  So same need, but even harder.
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Hey Tim,

Yeah, I don't think this is possible directly in GS or SFDC, since the case data originates in Siebel. I imagine at best, the report could contain a link to the case in Siebel, and it would take users to that system to login and update the case info.