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  • 20 August 2018
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I understand we have a Multiple Scorecard concept with Scorecard 2.0 which applies to a account based on the set of criteria defined and if none of the criteria match, assign the default one.

But problem comes when suppose you have two Scorecard - S1 and S2 where S1 is a default one but both has a criteria Company ::: Status = X and other criteria,

Now two accounts A 1 and A 2 comes in with Status X and X respectively. Both gets the scorecard based on criteria.

  • And now there is an account A 3 with Status Y that comes in and we don't have any scorecard matching the criteria..What will happen?
  • And the Status of Account A1 changes to Y then what will happen?
Based on findings, in both the cases default stays which is not legitimate, since Default Scorecard also has Status = X.

So, once scorecard is applied we do not have a operation to remove the scorecard. From a Product standpoint, I think it would be better if a scorecard's application is stopped once an account falls outside the criteria of that particular scorecard. Also, accounts without any active scorecard should be an option.

1 reply

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Hi Shiv! 

We have 4 distinct scorecards in our org based on certain criteria. We ran into a similar issue with Churned and Trial accounts being applied the default scorecard. Now we do not want a scorecard to be applied until an account becomes a Customer. However, it seems all accounts must have a scorecard and the default gets applied.

My concern is this will leave to misleading historical values and trends say when a Trial account in our case becomes a Customer.