Edit Scorecard 2.0 views on c360

  • 2 November 2017
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Is it possible to edit the scorecard 2.0 layout in the C360? In scorecards 1.0 you could choose between a couple of different layouts, but I can't locate any way to do that. We're looking to mimic our tile view as it is much easier to take a screenshot if needed.

4 replies

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Hi Jake,

Currently, there is only one view of scorecard 2.0 in C360. Thanks for sharing the feedback (will add it to the backlog). 
Also, If the screenshot is for sharing scorecard details externally, Scorecard 2.0 is being added as a part of Share 360. Would that help you in any way?

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Yes - sharing scorecards 2.0 in any way would be extremely beneficial. There are no great ways to share this detailed information in the concise way we see it.
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Hi Jake - look for scorecard sharing coming as part of our Fall release. 🙂
I would like to go back to the original request to have a few different layouts to view the scorecard.  Is this something that is in the backlog?  The tile view and trend view were very helpful visuals and now the view is really busy and not as easy to use.  I understand that 2.0 provides back end improvements but the user experience has lost some great functionality.