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  • 24 August 2017
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We have a project where we want to add information / update several records per account. Is it possible to create editable fields on a report in the 360? I know it's a long shot, but that would be super helpful, right now.

5 replies

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Alas, no.  Sorry Elizabeth!    Certainly that would be a good thing to enable.  Can you share the type of records and fields you want to be able to mass edit?
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Hi Karl - I think there's some value in this capability in multiple instances. Updating contact information or account details (SFDC data). Our current use case is asking clients for updates on outstanding projects. We want CSMs to provide updates that we can then pull into our project management tool. Many accounts have several projects so there's a 1:many aspect that would require a table. The data is currently available in GS via an MDA table.
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FWIW, we would love this, too. 

We currently do a number of exports to Gsheets, update fields, and then do an S3 import back into Gainsight. This process means our CSMs and Managers are spending more time outside of Gainsight.

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Sorry for the inconvenience @jbeaumont.
You can edit records of custom low volume objects and all the SFDC objects from the C360 related list section. Can you help us understand what kind of data are you trying to edit here and context around it can be really helpful.
Thank you

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@gopal - yes, thanks!


A few things:

  1. Custom fields to be updated (customer prioritization fields, deployment method, potential # of users)
  2. Stock Gainsight fields (lifecycle stage, Summary)


The idea would be the ability to edit fields that are dropdown, multi-pick, text-based, etc. Right now it’s a bit of a pain to go account-by-account to update.