Does anyon use embeds on your c360?

  • 9 January 2020
  • 6 replies

IN the admin training, it says you can imbed external links in the C360.  Has anyone used that or had some success with it?  What type of things have you imbedded in the C360?

6 replies

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Our Product Teams use Aha! to store product feedback and create roadmaps, so we’ve embedded the external links in the C360 so that the CSMs can enter feedback directly from GS.

how does that work creating feedback on product and linking that back to aha?


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Here’s what it looks like.  So, basically, they can click on the Product Feedback via Aha link on the C360 to get to this section, and then, basically interact with Aha! from within that section.



Do PM’s have access to GS?  


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They do not.  So, they are still able to access directly in Aha.

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Internally at Gainsight, we used to use Chatter and embed it on the 360. We have a tutorial that explains how to do that.

We've also seen customers embed Box, Dropbox, and Komiko Insights as a 360 section.