Degrading Health Score

  • 18 August 2017
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We are crafting v2 of our Health Score and some of our score components have a few variables at play.  For example, the Support score is looking at # of cases, how long they've been open, and how many get re-opened, etc..  These things could compound to give a customer a bad experience.  

[i]Is it possible to write a score rule that would allow that scorecard component to start at 100 points and degrade based on things happening?

For example:
Start customer at 100 points
- 5 points for every case opened for more than 20 days
- 30 points for every escalated case
- 5 points for every case re-opened in the last 90 days

If a customer has a combination of things happening, their score would be low to reflect that.

1 reply

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Hi Nicole,

Have you looked at some of the new functionality related to Formula Fields in Bionic Rules (new feature from our Spring release):

Current functionality doesn't support numerical constants, but you can do operations against field data (including aggregated and transformed fields).