Customer360: HTML code showing up instead of URL on Attributes field

  • 4 August 2016
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I thought there was already a community entry somewhere that I had raised this issue a few months back and was told it was to be resolved in the next update (which should have passed by now) but still encountering this on the 5.x UI.

I did find this problem which could be related.

We have a field on the attribute tab that should display a URL but it is showing HTML code instead.  Is this a bug or something we can adjust on our side?

Please see screenshot below.

2 replies

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Hi Rajdeep, 

The field is a Formula(text) Data TypeFormula  IF(ISBLANK(AccountNumber),"No Account Number",
HYPERLINK("https://xxxx:portnumber/pls/rhapplications/f?p=304:1:::::P0_ACCOUNT_NUMBER:"; & AccountNumber, "Link", "_blank"))

(I obscured the URL)

I don't know the exact version number, but it is on the latest update (Version 5.x)
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Can some more info be provided on this?

  1. 'SupportableX Link' is a custom field of which type?
  2. The version number on which the issue is seen?