Connect Person records to Contact records

  • 25 November 2019
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Allow User to connect Person records to Contact records in Salesforce. They often need to go back into Salesforce to edit fields, and that link does not exist within the Person object.

It is possible to create a Link within Person object?


Best answer by kunal_bhat 25 November 2019, 18:14

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Hi @vijayasailesh,


In the CompanyPerson object, we have a field which holds the SFDC Contact ID (called SFDC Contact ID in the SFDC edition, and External Contact ID in NXT). The out-of-the-box job in the Salesforce Connector populates it by default.

You could then create a calculated field of URL data type in CompanyPerson which will hold the URL of the Contact page. The Salesforce Contact page URL is of the form:




So if the org’s instance URL is and the Contact ID is0031I000005sMaP,

then the Contact page would be


The formula would be Concat(‘’, SFDC Contact ID/External Contact ID) which would give you the required link to the SFDC Contact page of the Person.


If customers are interested in pushing data from Gainsight Person back into SFDC Contact, they could also schedule a rule to write data back to Salesforce from Person using the Load to Salesforce object rule action.


Hope this helps!