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  • 1 November 2021
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Hi everyone,

We experienced an issue last week with Gainsight when an email was sent to someone who had passed away and was received by a user that had taken over this role, but the email they used remained the same and this understandably caused a bit of upset.

For a bit of context we load to people via an S3 file that pulls in all of our active users (staff members that work at the school) and it is updated daily. The rule that loads to people also runs on a daily sync so new users are added each day.

However in this particular example as the user was no longer active, they are no longer included in the S3 file.

After raising a ticket with support it seems that Gainsight only has the functionality to update/upsert information, but there isn’t necessarily a way to set up a rule that says if a user is no longer included in the S3 file to set them as email opt-out or set them inactive.

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar situation and if so, how have you approached this? As we do not want to be sending emails to users that are no longer active.






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@chelseahopkins So, I would probably solve by using a rule to compare the S3 file with the current people on the user object, and if they aren’t a match, update a field on the User object.  Then, when sending emails, etc. you can filter for that.

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@chelseahopkins Affirming what @heather_hansen has already started.

While Gainsight doesn’t have that “inactivate” functionality as a native, built-in piece of functionality, you can absolutely build a Rule and/or some logic to handle it.

I would consider:

  • Add a field to the Person or Company Person for Opt-Out or Inactive or whatever you want to use to note folks who should be dropped in scenarios like this.
  • Add a field to the Person or Company Person for “Load Date”.
  • In your rule that Upserts Persons, add a custom field update to stamp the rule date into the newly-created “Load Date” field.
  • Now the “Load Date” will freshen itself each time that Person appears in your inbound S3 file. By extension, any records with a stale “Load Date” must have been missing from your inbound S3 file.
  • You can then write some quick logic to state that if the “Load Date” is more than xx days old, to change the field for Opt-Out / Inactive (recommend making it 3 days or more, just in case you have unexpected issues with your “Load to People” rules)