Communicate on GainSight360 that data is not received for users that use an adblocker

  • 5 November 2018
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I have a suggestion here to enable better transparency for gainsight users with regard to the gainsight 360. This is an important part of the product in order ti determine adoption, reallocate seats, communicate usage to management,etc.

After starting an effort at my company to communicate GainSight usage data to managers, I later found out that the GainSight 360 (after 2-3 weeks) data was completely incorrect, which caused issues internally.

I later then found out after much back and forth with gainsight that this is because the GainSight360 doesn't capture user data for those users that use ad blockers.

A strong suggestion would be to make this a prominent bit of communication on the GainSight360. I also don't see this mentioned anywhere in gainsight support article on the GainSight 360:

If it were could have saved us a lot of time and effort.

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Thanks for the feedback, Jackie. I've added a note in our documentation, and we'll also look into adding a message in the app if possible.