Clone Playbooks with Email assist tasks

  • 23 March 2018
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I need to clone playbooks from Account level to relationship level. Most of my playbooks have email assist tasks included. Why can't I clone these playbooks given that they are going to use exactly the same email templates?

3 replies

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@Angela, This is a valid ask.

Currently this is not in our road map. I am adding this to our road map and redirecting this to our Product team .

We will get back to you if at all we need more inputs on this. Thanks for the post,
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Hi Angela,

To give more context,

Initially we had Email Templates 1.0 which were segregated by Account and Relationship entities, hence cloning of Email Task was not given. For Email Template 2.0 this should not be an problem, but still we do support Email Template 1.0, so this would be tricky to handle.


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+1 This would be a huge timesaver for my team!