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  • 30 December 2018
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Hello Guys,

In our GS prod we currently have 3 fields that we would like to have the labels changed.

These fields are Text Area(255), they are present on the R360 layout as well as on bionic rules.

I'd like to know if it is possible to have the field label changed? If so how?

I tried changing the labels on the GS Relationship object that we have in SFDC, but the changes did not propagate to GS.

Thank you so much.


Ana Costa

3 replies

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Hi Ana,


Yes, field labels can be changed in R360 and Bionic rules. Please refer these articles for R360 and Bionic rules.

Hello Sai,

I may have not been quite clear on my question.

We have these 3 fields:

Big Question 1

Big Question 2

Big Question 3

If I change the names of these fields on the Relationship object, on the R360 Layout and on the Rule willthe API name be changed as well ?

The articles you sent me were not helpful or related to my question, but thanks anyways.

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Hi Ana, I was not clear on your question, below is the answer for your question.

Changing the "Field label" from Object will not impact the API name, changing the "Field Name" will have the impact on the API name.

Gainsight statndard fields and Salesforce standard fields cannot be modified from objects, Its a Salesforce restriction. We can only update custom fields(meaning fields created by us).

Hope this answers your query.