Can the ADD Button in C360 for Related Report be Repointed to another SFDC Page?

  • 14 July 2021
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The current ADD button for Use Cases on our C360 re-directs to the standard SFDC process for adding a new case. We’ve made customizations to this process, so our process doesn’t align with what is standard in SFDC. Is it possible to re-point the ADD button for Use Cases to a new SFDC page for adding use cases?

9 replies

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@kcsp I remember solving a similar use-case, I will once again check and get back to you on this.

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@kcsp Sorry to inform you that this is not possible currently. We will look into this and see how we can provide this flexibility.
Also, is it always a custom Visual Force page that are trying to redirect to in your case ?

Hi kcsp,


First you have to create a custom button on contact whose display type should be "List Button"


Setup > App Setup > Customize > Contact > Button And Links > Custom Button And Links > New > Create custom button with display type "List Button"


Now your button is ready to be used on related list. Now if you want to add this on account's contact related list 


Setup > App Setup > Customize > Accounts > Page Layout > Edit > Go to related list > Properties of Contact Related list > Buttons > Select your custom button from multiselect picklist and add it in Selected Button picklist > Save..


Is it possible to add new action/button along with edit/delete values in drop down in salesforce lightning in the related list record.
In Opportunity record(home alarms without monthly fee reviews) i have a related list. In the related list record we drop down actions edit and delete. I would like to add a custom action/button which will make a call to lightning component or vf page.

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Hey @rubianas, thanks for sharing this.
Are you looking to customise the actions in Gainsight’s C360 related list as well in the same manner ? or is your requirement limited to Salesforce lightning experience of Opportunity object ?

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The solution from @rubianas is for custom buttons in Salesforce. Unfortunately this does not change the Add button in Gainsight. As @gopal_rao_kallepu mentioned, there is no way to do this there. 

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Fairly certain GS was working on something like this last Nov. Where it would take attributes and input them into the URL.


Denise Stokowski might know more about that.


I built a work around for it by creating all the SFD objects as a Datadesigner with custom urls to edit the individual records and then custom urls stored in attributes CSMs could click directing them to the proper place. 

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Thank you. this has been helpful. 

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@gopal_rao_kallepu While @Wayne’s workaround may work, it’s not real time and there is a lot of overhead associated with that.


May we please find out if this is going to be possible to configure the URL for the +Add Record button (as well as “hide” the button) on C360 Related Lists?

​​​​@anirbandutta in case Gopal is no longer the right person to whom this question should be directed.

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Lemme check about this @darkknight