Can't add time to activity custom date type field

  • 26 September 2017
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We have a customer activity created for our CSMs to track customer's production roll-out activities. In this activity, among other fields, we have the start date (leveraging the Activity Date field which already enables you to enter date and time) and then we created another field called "Roll-Out End Day" that will be used to document when the change window finishes (date and time).

The problem is that for the end day field (the one we created) we can enter a date but wehn trying to enter time (hh:mm am/pm) we get an error. If we remove the time it saves it but we couldn't set the time. On the reports it shows as a day plus time (which I think it is assigned automatically based on the time at which the activity was created. Any ideas if this is currently supported and if so, what time format is expecting in the date field?

1 reply

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Hi Marcelo,

We have started supporting 'datetime' data type in timeline. You can now create a custom field of type datetime and use it to capture date + time. Please let us know if this solves your problem.