Can I see Relationship Name in the Scorecard Fact table?

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Apologies if this is posted somewhere else, I've searched and cannot find it. Is there a way to see the Relationship Name in the Scorecard Fact table? I just am seeing relationship ID. This was an issue with Scorecards 1.0 for us too.

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Hi Cara,

Scorecard Fact is connected with our standard objects - Company and Relationship.

a. Have you enabled Gainsight Connect for Company and Relationship Objects via Gainsight Connect? If so , then the fields like relationship name will be available for reporting via scorecard fact.

In order to know more about Gainsight Connect and how you can enable the same  ,you can refer here.

Please see a sample image below . As you can see that you can refer the fields in relationship object like Company Name, CSM, Relationship Name etc. from your corresponding Scorecard Fact table and use them while constructing a report.

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I have enabled it, and when I look at this drop down on reports, I get the same options you're showing, none of the options under "Relationship ID" are Relationship Name, which is the problem. 
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Relationship Name is the field called Name which you see in the Relationship Standard Object. Let me know if this is not available in your org.

Abhishek S
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Thanks for the speedy reply! I just refreshed my page and I see it now, the UI wasn't letting me scroll down earlier. Thank you!