Can i pull a report into a Success Plan

  • 2 February 2019
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I have reports (created in report builder) that I would like to include in Success Plan templates. Anyone know if this is possible? Thamks in advance :-)

5 replies

Yes! We need that too! Does anybody know how to add a lookup to a report from a Success Plan?

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Can you provide a bit more detail on the use case? Is this an "associated report" tied to a specific objective or task in the SP?

Where would the user be when they want to view this report?

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Our Account Executives when creating the Account Strategy Success PLan, want to be able to see the number of Users by product in each country so that they can identify target growth areas. Let me know if you need more info. Thanks for your response!

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Hi Angela,

So this is a report containing data for the entire account right? (i.e same as a report in the 360 - but view the report within the success plan section iteslf?)

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Hi Aditya, Yes exactly!

This would either be at C360 Whole account in a whole account Success plan or R360 if the success plan was at Realtionship level.