Can I change the length of the relationship name?

  • 24 January 2017
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We're using relationships to model the situation where one customer has multiple projects running in the software. Each project is a relationship in Gainsight.

For usage data we connect the customer name and then use the Project name as the Relationship name. (See this post about synthetic IDs for some background on why this is a challenge.)

Unfortunately we have project names that are longer than 80 characters, which is what the Name field on the GS Relationship object is set to.

Question: Can I change the length of that field and, if I can, will it survive the next version upgrade?

2 replies

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The Name field is Standard Salesforce field on GSRelataionhip object. It has hard limit of 80. Salesforce doesn't allow you to change it though 😞
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Bummer. Makes a continued case for never making the business-relevant value the key for a record.