Best practice ideas for modelling multi-regional customers

  • 27 June 2020
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Would love to hear from the community and GS product guys on best practice ideas when it comes to modelling complex customer hierarchies. E.g. a customer with operations in 40+ regions each with their own local use case for a product/service (but the same product/service).






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In Gainsight there’s only 2 primary relationships: Accounts and Relationships. Accounts leverage the same parent/child relationship that you can setup in most CRMs. Relationships adds another layer to allow you to move horizontally into an account. 


If you have the account relationship already laid out in your CRM, you can leverage the same. So for example, if you have something like: 

Account A: Global Headquarters
Account B: Regional Headquarters
Account C: Local Office

you can use the parent/child relationship to ensure that each of these layers has a C360. In this structure, the Region can have the products and the local office can have the separate use cases. This would provide you with all the C360 features (scorecard, playbooks, related data, etc.). 

If you are missing one of the layers, you could create the additional records or use Relationships. Relationships however sits in a different table and has a 1-to-1 relationship with accounts. I would not recommend using Relationships with your use case if you have all the account layers correct.