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  • 12 June 2020
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Hi, we manage multiple products which have multiple pages. I have had multiple accounts where I send an email to a contact on the Product A’s R360 page, but then it ends up being posted on Product B’s R360. I did look at the Relationship Contacts on both products and the contact is listed on both. Right now any messages going to the wrong timeline, I just have to copy and paste that message to the correct timeline. 


It would be great if there was a dropdown capability in a single message on a timeline that would give you the option to move it to another timeline on that same account. Is there a way to easily resovle this issue?


any feedback is welcome!  


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Are you using BCC to Timeline or Gainsight Assist? Gainsight Assist provides an ability to manually assign the email when sending if there is more than one match —


With the BCC feature, it should be saving as a draft if there is more than record that the contact is associated to so you would be able to manually change that from drafts.


If that’s not what’s happening and it is the same contact on multiple records, then probably should start a support ticket.