Assigning 2 CSM's to a single Account record - Best Practice?

  • 4 February 2021
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What has been your approach or best practice for assigning and managing an account that has 2 CSM’s assigned.  The scenario can be a primary customer CSM that works in the geography of the customer corporate offices with the decision makers and a secondary CSM working in another country or geography with the system owners in that area.  Both CSM’s would have activities to track, but believe only a single CSM can be assigned to an account record, correct?   How have you solved for this?

4 replies

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We created a custom field in Salesforce (and subsequently on the Company record) for Client Success Manager 2. In our case, it’s used during Onboarding but we are able to trigger notifications off it just the same.

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We use a second CSM field for backups and to indicate a “New CSM” when transitioning accounts for whatever reason. 

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@gunjanm and @vmoore thanks for your inputs! 

@glhotka did the inputs worked for you? 

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@glhotka - I previously had an instance with exactly this scenario: A primary CSM assigned to the customer (often a world-wide customer) and often a local CSM (perhaps one in EMEA) would tend to the leadership in-country.

We did something similar to @gunjanm and @vmoore , adding a “Secondary CSM” field. You’re right; there’s still only 1 official CSM of record, but having the Secondary CSM enabled us to assign CTAs when necessary. This also the helped those outside of Customer Success (Support, Product Managers, Executives) know the most likely CS team members serving a customer.