[Ask from Customer] - View contacts and opportunities options from C360 in lightning showing only recent contact and recent opportunities

  • 12 March 2018
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View contacts and opportunities from C360 of lightening is showing only recent contacts and opportunities.

Replication steps-

1. Logging into Sales force and Switching to Lightning Experience 

2. Go into Gainsight and to any C360 page 

3. Clicking on the three dots and selecting either View Opportunities or View Contacts

The expected result is that it would take me to the Opportunities or Contacts for the account.

The actual result is that it takes me to the Recently Viewed list for either Opportunities or Contacts across all accounts.

Share your view and idea to fix this. If not then any plan to add in future release?

Thank you in advance !

1 reply

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Hi Gainsight, do you have an ETA of when this issue, in Lightning, will be resolved?