Allow Scorecard Comments to be deleted via the Rules Engine

  • 8 April 2016
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We use number of Support Tickets as a metric in our scorecard. We have automatic rules set up to both fire CTA's and set the Support score to a warning level when an unhealthily high number of tickets is submitted during a set window of time. We have rules set to close the CTA's when this warning is no longer in effect as well as to return the Support score to a neutral level. 

In our rule to set the Support Score to a warning level, we add a comment of how many ticket's they've had and what window of time. When we return the score to neutral, we no longer need that comment, but the current rule/action functionality wont allow me to just clear out those comments. Instead, I have to replace it with other text and " " (a space) is not accepted.

Being able to clear the comments back to blank would be very useful since the original rule comments are now outdated and irrelevant.

5 replies

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Has there been any update to Brittany's question?
I had a CSM come up to me this morning and ask if i can delete all his scorecard comments. Any progress on doing this via the rules engine? Which object contains the scorecard comments; Usage Data? Thanks!
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Thanks for the idea! I decided to go with something rather similar for the time being as well. If we could keep the scorecard looking cleaner by limiting the amount of comments/text, that would be ideal. This definitely isn't life or death, but similar to the Rules Engine Add to Features comment's limitations (they don't replace but rather just tack on to the end until the character limit is reached), I think there is some room for the software to improve in regards to comments capabilities.

Thanks for the response though! Always feels good to know these posts are read and not lost in the abyss.
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Hi Brittany, We have something similar. We however want to provide visibility to why the score disappeared when you look at the scorecards over time. We write a comment via the rule which nulls the value. The comment reads something like "GS Note: Customer did not more than X Support cases in the last X days".

This allows our executive team to know why a value it missing.
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Thank you Abhishek!
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Hi Brittany,

Thanks for the use case.We will add this to the roadmap and I will communicate here once we have a timeline for the same.

Abhishek S