After enabling Scorecard 2.0, what score would be reflected within the "Current Score" field of the

  • 23 March 2017
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We have moved to Scorecards 2.0 while still having the Account Scorecards operate until fully set-up. When building reports on the Customer Info object, is the 'Current Score' based off of Scorecards 2.0 once enabled? Or does it continue to use Account Scorecards? 

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Hi Samantha,

It continues to refer to Account Scorecards.

With the Spring release, you should be able to create rules which populate data from the standard company,scorecard fact objects back to customer info as custom fields created in Customer Info.

For the summer release , we will be working on providing native support to sync back the data from MDA to SFDC customer info fields as an option.

Hope this helps.

Abhishek S