Account Scorecard utility to migrate Scorecard 1.0 to 2.0

  • 15 September 2017
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My IT department is building out their own Homegrown application which extracts data from specific Salesforce objects, Gainsight objects (Customer Info, Scorecard Fact), and other 3rd party applications.

If we migrate from Scorecard 1.0 to 2.0, will IT have to reconfigure any of the Scorecard fields or Scorecard objects they're already using?

1 reply

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I would assume they are reading the Scorecard 1.0 data from the SFDC Scorecard objects?  Are they bringing in the metric by metric details?  If so, then yes, as Scorecard 2.0 lives in MDA objects.  One approach that they can use for your external app is to leverage the Bionic Rules export to S3 to create periodic extracts to load into your external app.